George Stevens, Jr. is a Hollywood legend in his own right. As the son of one of Hollywood's most celebrated directors, George Stevens, Jr. has carved out his place in the industry as a visionary force. In My Place In The Sun, he tells the moving and intimate story of his renowned career in Washington and Hollywood and his relationship with his father.
“My Place in the Sun” book excerpt. Book cover of “My Place in the Sun, Life in the Golden Age of Hollywood and Washington” by George Stevens, Jr.

A Memoir Full of Cinematic History

George Stevens Jr. has had a long and illustrious career in the entertainment industry, passing over five generations. In his new book, "MyPlace in the Sun," Stevens Jr. provides a rare glimpse into the private lives of some of America's most famous first ladies, presidents, and celebrities. He shares personal stories and anecdotes about the Kennedys, Barack and Michelle Obama, Yo-Yo Ma, Elizabeth Taylor, Cary Grant, BruceSpringsteen, James Dean, Sidney Poitier, and many others. With humor and candor, Stevens gives readers a unique look at the American experience through the eyes of one of its most influential cultural figures. Readers will appreciate Stevens Jr.'s wit and insight as he takes them on a journey through the golden age of American film.His stories about Hollywood and Washington provide a unique perspective on a time that shaped our country's culture and history. My Place in the Sun is an enjoyable read for anyone who loves movies or wants to learn more about America's past.

“My Place in The Sun” Takes Readers on a Journey Through Hollywood History

George Stevens, Jr. was born into Hollywood royalty. His father, George Stevens, was an Oscar-winning director who worked on some of Hollywood's most iconic films. Growing up in the shadow of his father's fame, George Jr. struggled to find his place in the world. But he ultimately rose to the challenge, forging his path in the entertainment industry. George Stevens Jr. began his career in film when Edward R. Murrow enlisted him to work on the Motion Picture Service at the USIA in John F. Kennedy's Washington. His innovative efforts helped instigate the so-called USIA filmmaking’s "golden era", and he quickly gained a reputation for respecting motion pictures as a form of art. In 1967, the American Film Institute appointed him as the founding director.   George Stevens, Jr. has had a front-row seat to several of America's most important political and cultural moments. In his book, My Place In The Sun, he shares his insights on everything from the Hollywood studio system to the civil rights movement. Having spent most of his life in Hollywood, Stevens worked on several classic films with his father. In this memoir, he vividly recounts his experiences in films The Diary of Anne Frank (1959), Giant (1956), Shane (1953), and A Place in the Sun (1951). He candidly explores how the greatness of his father's achievements and talent had him questioning himself about his creative path.

Philanthropy and Social Justice

As a renowned filmmaker and producer, George Stevens Jr. has dedicated his life to celebrating America's rich cultural heritage. He is best known for creating the prestigious Kennedy Center Honors, which recognize outstanding achievements in the arts. He was crucial in protecting many endangered films and teaching new generations of filmmakers. Throughout his career, Stevens Jr. has advocated for film preservation and education, and his work has helped shape the landscape of American film. Stevens' commitment to social justice and artistic excellence has led him to produce world-renowned television programs and films that have shed light on important issues facing our nation. His work has helped to raise awareness of the American experience and has inspired people from all walks of life to pursue their dreams. George Stevens Jr. has had a lifelong passion for American film and its ability to enlighten audiences. In his book, My Place In The Sun, he gives an intuitive view of Hollywood's Golden Age and Washington spanning 60 years. He brings to life a gleaming era of American culture and history, highlighting the notable figures who inspired him along the way.
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